It’s been a long 7 months since I launched this Blog with a single post, during which I’ve been otherwise heavily engaged with creating a whole new disc of extras for the re-vamped BBC DVDs and Blu-Ray of The Hitchhiker’s Guide TV series.  M’colleague and pal Mark Ayres somehow magicked a 5.1 surround sound out of the existing mono and stereo tracks.  The Ark’s Clayton Baker enhanced Rod Lord’s original animation film by scanning it into full HD for a 30-minute reel called “Mostly Hand-Drawn”, which is my fave of all the extras.  Plenty more to talk about as I resume blogging regularly (I hope) over the next few weeks.  I’m also joining my friend Howard Berry of The Elstree Project as a visiting lecturer every Tuesday at the University of Hertfordshire – on the same Film & TV Production course, from which my clever son Liam graduated just over two years ago.

So, what with that, the Hexagonal Phase CD and downloads, the first 2 of the new colourful vinyl LPs of the original BBC Radio series released, the recent BFI event to launch the Blu-Rays, appearances at the Sherborne Literary Festival coming up next week – plus all the 40 year history – there’s a lot to talk about!

Back shortly…